207137-R A2C (Gibson style A2 Oval Hole)

207137-R oval hole A2C Snakehead.

Signed February, 2007, 137th instrument Hans built. Modeled after 1923 Gibson A2 serial number 73352.

West Virgina red spruce top, red maple back, mahogany neck, and varnish finish. Tuners changed from Grovers to Golden Age vintage style arrow-end tuners with ivoroid buttons.

This mandolin is the A2C model prototype (see label) but is most likely the only Gibson oval A2 “Classic” copy made by Hans, using a 1923 Snakehead as a reference.Hans did build at least one A4C oval hole.

The 1923 Gibson A2 used as the model would likely have had a birch back, whereas this mandolin is Red Maple (more like A2z specs). Gibson A2z models are said to have used leftover parts from A3 models, with better woods, etc.

Hans said “I really tried to pick wood that looked the part. The fingerboard is not raised (it’s just like the old A2), and the scale is 13-7/8″. Sound on this instrument is surprisingly strong with a big old bottom end. Fundamental as red spruce is.

It’s difficult to see the true color without hitting it with a flash

Hans’ original pictures

2 responses to “207137-R A2C (Gibson style A2 Oval Hole)

  1. awesome craftsmanship what is it worth?

  2. I agree…it’s a beauty! It’s one of a kind, so not sure the current value. There’s also a A4-C in the world. Both owners say they will never be for sale. 🙂

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