2005 Model 32C (3-Point Mandola)

2005 Model 32C (3-Point Mandola)

100th instrument Hans made, tuners are Schaller with the buttons from a shot set of Handels, sitka spruce top.

Hans said “I really enjoy the 3 pointers because they are so different. This one took about 300 hours, as I had to carve the top and back plates completely by hand. I hate to even think about a ‘cello! I usually spray the finish and hang onto the neck, and this one weighed a ton while spraying. The scale length is 16″ and it’s a twelve fret neck. The pickguards on all my instruments are contoured to match the fingerboard extension.”

Hans said “Here’s a shot of the “twins”…M22C mandolin and M32C mandola.”

Early build pics

Comparison with F-5

Beginning the varnish blackface



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