60809 F5-C

F5-C 60809 Signed June, 2008. This is the 9th F5-C.

Hans said “Interesting West Virginia red spruce top is way off quarter, and I ran the rift in opposite directions. Peghead, finally bought myself a set of Waverly’s for this one…broke the bank! Back…WOW, look at the voids!!! OMG look at that big void in the middle! Well, you knew it wasn’t a void…
Actually took a one piece back, sawed it in half, slipped the joint about 1/4″ and reglued it. Dovetailed bone point.

.040 SS frets I used SS frets because that’s all that’s available in .040 wire (as far as I know). Charlie had a bunch of it made in 18% and SS, but the 18% is all gone. Seems as though the SS is a plus though as the .040 is so narrow.
It is a flat F/B. I went from flat to radius back to flat as a personal preference. I build ’em both ways though.”

Notice the blue in the abalone headstock inlay

New pics:

back backburst bracket distress Dots f5cscroll front image label lean2 leaning neckburst neckjoint on couch Peghead point scroll_Close scroll scroll2 side sideview tp withpick


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