708197-RS A4C Oval Hole

708197-RS A4C Oval Hole

A seriously beautiful oval hole.  Red Spruce top, slab sugar maple back, ebony backed headstock, sunburst, oval hole with rosette, full binding, snakehead. The former owner changed the tuners to the Golden Age distressed from Stewmac.

Hans says “A copy of the ’23 A style, referred to as the “Snakehead.

The back is a piece of very plain sugar maple. It was a tough decision, but I didn’t want to wade into the tonal qualities of birch (uncharted ground), and I wanted to get the powerful tonal quality of the snakes down. I also didn’t want to get overly crispy (a very hard chunk of sugar can get ugly pretty fast when combined with hard red spruce), so I combined a medium piece of sugar with a medium W. Virginia red top. My intuition told me to go for hard red maple, but everything I had was pretty flamed and I wanted to keep the look.
Tonal qualities: So how does it sound? Dick Nunneley has several Loar period snakes that I have worked on, and aside from the age factor and brand new strings, I’d say I got what I wanted. The sound is BIG, the G’s strong and tubby (not as tubby as my ’16 A4 paddle), and they don’t overpower the other courses, which is to say it’s very balanced. The D’s and A’s are very clear and strong, and the E’s sparkle with clarity and refinement. At this point it is very crisp and the sustain long. It has a very big hollow log sound.
I have started using SS strings with the SS frets. the upside is that they last a very long time. The downside is that they take a long time to break in




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