2006 Eclipse Number 1

2006 Eclipse Number 1

Hans said “I decided that with all the curves on this one the reverse dolphin holes were too angular as was the original peghead. I didn’t angle the scroll, but I think “dreadnaughting” the waist out might give that impression. Intend to move the most forward point of the scroll towards the neck though…would probably give it more slant. I also have some refining to do on the button. The sunrise sunburst is not a fixed part of the design. As far as the sound, I’d say it sounds like my 23V Italians (Italian top). I’ll let the instrument speak for itself. I made the buttons from African blackwood. The volume is just a tad larger (than a traditional “F”). Salvador Dali, maybe, but not Escher…Wouldn’t want it eating it’s own tailpiece!”


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