2006 nbr 129 M21V

2006 nbr 129 M21V

Bill James tailpiece, Waverly tuners, and a custom abbreviated pickguard.

Hans said “Features are German silver spruce top, quilted bigleaf back sides and neck, varnish finish. The tone has that complex German spruce flavor in an oval hole…big bottom end, strong, and with that oval hole refined sound. Trebles are strong, but when played lightly have that delicacy that ovals seem to have. Very green and needs a lot of playin’ in.

The longer neck takes out some of the tubbiness that the short neck A’s develop with time, and makes a stronger sounding instrument. It’s braced with one transverse brace, and if you have seen my M-4C, I do a cherry also. BTW, the line in the stain on the back is actually fishbone in the wood, and is mirrored on the other side. Just isn’t visible from the pictures.”


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