406121-I Eclipse Number 2 (Pink Ivory)

2006 Eclipse Number 2 (Pink Ivory), built for Hans’ wife Maureen. Signed April, 2006, Italian Spruce top, Pink Ivory back.

Serial number looks like 406121-I, but I don’t have a clear photo. You can almost see it through the f-hole in the pictures below.

Said Hans “I’ve always wanted to make an instrument out of pink ivory, and finally found enough to build it. The trouble with the wood is that as it’s name implies, about 50% is pink, and the rest ivory color, so you have to buy double plus 15% (scrap) what you need, and hope you have enough. Pink Ivory is an African wood and is about as dense and heavy as ebony. Carving it was a real workout.

This turned out to be the mandolin from hell, I stripped it 7 times (lucky me). I originally wanted a pink top, but no matter what I did with the stain, it always clashed with the natural wood. Of course the pink was so far into the grain of the Italian spruce top that I had trouble with every kind of bleeding you could imagine. STRIP, STRIP, STRIP! Finally decided to do a solid color ivory top.

Then I had trouble with the ivory getting all splotchy from sanding the varnish. Strip! Then I decided to use lacquer and had compatability problems. STRIP! Finally I went to the auto store and got som Dupli-color in ivory and clear. Bingo.

The instrument does weigh a ton. I eliminated the truss rod as I felt that the neck wasn’t going to move anywhere. I constantly worried about the tone, but the Italian spruce pulled me through. The treble side cap may add a little boost, but it’s definitely not needed on this one. The trebles peel chrome. Tone of the instrument compared to the maple Eclipse is basically like comparing a D-28 to a D-18…rosewood to mahogany. You might notice the 14 fret neck on this one. I have been intrigued by making 14 fret necks on F-hole instruments. Moves the bridge about 3/8″ back on the top.”


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