2008 Eclipse V6

2008 Eclipse V6

Hans said the “instrument is Italian spruce and sugar maple. James/Lewis Tailpiece with tortoise overlay, walrus tusk nut and saddle inset on treble side, forward SS holes and the tapered ribs.  It sounds like an Italian spruce F5. This one should be played right next to a banjo. It’ll crack glass. The tone is a little bit richer than red spruce, the trebles are very crisp (sugar maple) and it’s very throaty. It has a buttery smoothness to it also. I have no doubt that if I made one with red spruce/red maple it would sound like a Loar.

I think the tapered ribs may contribute to the throatiness of the instrument…don’t know about the SS holes being so far forward. I broke my own rule and did 2 major deviations in one instrument. I think the inset ivory on the treble side of the saddle adds to the clarity of the trebles. The layout of the scroll and binding was a bear, but carving it wasn’t bad. It’s much harder to bind something small and oval than round.”

This instrument being displayed at IMBA, on the right

Being played by Jesse Cobb at IMBA

One response to “2008 Eclipse V6

  1. Who owns this mandolin now?

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