510253 F5

510253 F5 mandolin, Red maple and red or Adirondack spruce. Signed May 2010, 253rd instrument built by Hans. Original owner said that It “began as a PML, but morphed into a custom F5.”


2 responses to “510253 F5

  1. This is my Brentrup. It began as a PML, but morphed into a custom F5. The serial number is 510253. It’s all “red”–red maple and red or Adirondack spruce. It has a classic Loar sound. Hans did not carve it for “instant gratification,” as he says, and it really did take a few months before the sound developed. It was good from the start, but by a year old, it had become fantastic. I wish I had made some recordings to document the sound change. Anyway, at this point, it sounds like a 1920s Loar. Wonderful bottom end. Ringing highs. Huge pop and drive when I want that, and lovely quiet sustaining sounds when I want that. Very versatile. I perform with it about twice a month, and it is an absolute extension of me.

  2. Hi Michael,

    Thanks for the info! It’s a beautiful mandolin-I’m sure it sounds wonderful too. Your observation about Hans not carving for “instant gratification” is consistent with other owner’s stories, and the key to Brentrups getting better with playing in, unlike mandolins built to sound best on day one without any tonal development. Red Spruce in particular is known to take a while to break in, and Hans’ graduations leave room for development on top of that.

    My experience has been the same…each instrument gets better and better every day. If you have any recent photos (especially close-ups of the label) I’ll add then to the entry.

    Best,. Larry

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