80471-I M23V

Exceptional M23V, serial number 80471-I, signed August 2004, 71st instrument that Hans built, Italian Spruce top, flamed maple 2-piece back, large frets, radiused fingerboard, back of head has an ebony veneer. Body, headstock, fingerboard and pickguard are bound in white with a black stripe, doubled fleur-de-lis headstock inlay, Varnish finish, Waverly tuners with ebony buttons, James tailpiece, the scooped fingerboard extension is fully fretted, custom “snowflake” fret markers.

Older pictures including build

Hans said “Here’s a picture of scraping after the first coat of varnish. Color differences are lighting. The real red scroll is camera flash. It’s just one coat a day from here on with a rough sand after about half of the finish is on.”


6 responses to “80471-I M23V

  1. Is this still for sale?

  2. Yes, AFAIK. Sorry for the delay in responding…looks like your comment was caught in my spam filter. I’ll send you the owner’s contact.

  3. Probably too late but I will ask anyway. Is it still available?

  4. Hi Daniel, still for sale. I’ll try to send you the seller’s contact info.

  5. Once again from a new inquiry! Is this mandolin available at this late date?

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