M23 30329-I

M23 30329-I

Italian spruce topped F5 M23, signed in March of 2003. From online ad: “It has a replacement bridge with a pearl saddle“.


IMG_1458 IMG_1489 IMG_1440 IMG_1470 IMG_1464 IMG_1479 IMG_1443 IMG_1482 IMG_1446 IMG_1450


4 responses to “M23 30329-I

  1. That’s the best mandolin I’ve ever heard!

  2. Michael Bechler

    I own it now. I just bought it last night. I’m definitely going to have to improve my playing to live up to what this instrument can do. I played it in the music store and was hooked. I think Shoenberg had it for awhile but I bought it from Gryphon.

    I wonder who added that pearl bridge (I have the original in the case).

  3. It’s a beauty! Congratulations!

  4. Michael Bechler

    Still playing it. It sounds better all the time. It has accumulated a few more minor dings, but nothing that you’d notice without a close look. That’s pretty good given the amount I’ve played it and the places it’s been. It loves sunlight; give it 5 minutes outdoors on a dry day and it gets even better!

    The photos make it look more red than it actually is.

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