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Brentrup Mandolins Built in 2004

20461-R M22-0 3-Point Prototype

20461-R M22 3-Point Prototype

Beautiful blackface 3-Point prototype mandolin, red spruce top. This is the prototype, signed February 2004, 61st instrument Hans built.

Edited description from Acoustic Music Company’s online advert: “This is a varnish early florentine 3-point style Model 22 made with Bosnian maple and topped with Adirondack spruce. The instrument is a blackface,  Schaller tuners with ivoroid knobs, 1 and 1/8″ bone nut, fine sculpted ebony pick guard, scooped extension, flat fretboard, masterful fit and finish. Custom Calton case to accommodate the elongated 3 point body. This mandolin was the prototype (and is designated as such on the label) for this model.

From Mr. Brentrup:  “The 3 point mandolin was Orville’s original (circa 1908)  florentine instrument and is a very difficult build. It has a very different sound which is well suited to old time string band music.””



Charlie Rappaport taking it for a spin:


Detail photos

BrentrupO-22m BrentrupO-22l BrentrupO-22k BrentrupO-22j BrentrupO-22h BrentrupO-22g BrentrupO-22f BrentrupO-22e BrentrupO-22d BrentrupO-22c BrentrupO-22b BrentrupO-22a

Custom Calton Case (Mandola Case)

BrentrupO-22no BrentrupO-22n


2004 M23 V

2004 M23 V (Need Serial Number)

German Spruce top?


80471-I M23V

Exceptional M23V, serial number 80471-I, signed August 2004, 71st instrument that Hans built, Italian Spruce top, flamed maple 2-piece back, large frets, radiused fingerboard, back of head has an ebony veneer. Body, headstock, fingerboard and pickguard are bound in white with a black stripe, doubled fleur-de-lis headstock inlay, Varnish finish, Waverly tuners with ebony buttons, James tailpiece, the scooped fingerboard extension is fully fretted, custom “snowflake” fret markers.

Older pictures including build

Hans said “Here’s a picture of scraping after the first coat of varnish. Color differences are lighting. The real red scroll is camera flash. It’s just one coat a day from here on with a rough sand after about half of the finish is on.”

20456-G M23V

20456-G M23V, signed February, 2004, 56th instrument made by Hans. German Spruce Top with bearclaw pattern,  naturally distressed,  original  tailpiece replaced with Bill James tailpiece, K & K Twin pickup with end-pin jack installed, sometimes equipped with fossilized ivory bridge top, original owner currently using the original.

80475-I M21V

2004 Brentrup 21V serial # 80475-I. Italian Spruce top, highly figured Maple back, sides, and neck. Black top, varnish finish. Ebony radiused fretboard, small dot pearl inlays. It has a slim neck, measuring 1 1/8″ at the bone nut. Ebony peghead overlay, fancy abalone inlay, pearl truss rod cover. Multiple tortoise/white bindings on top, back, neck, peghead, and Ebony bi-level pickguard. Ebony bridge, endpin, and strap button. Schaller tuners. Engraved silver tailpiece. The finish has developed fine varnish checking giving it a vintage look.

90473-I 21V

21V  90473-I

Signed September, 2004, 73rd instrument that Hans signed.

Italian spruce top, Bosnian maple back & sides, James tailpiece + Elite tuners added

40458-R L-21

40458-R L21, signed April, 2004, 58th instrument that Hans signed.

Red Spruce top. This was the prototype for the A5C that Hans built later on. The L-21 has a deeper body than the A5C , and has Euro maple back. A James tailpiece has since been added and the original Schaller tuners have been replaced with Elites.

This is a varnish “large” A model (10″ wide – 1/2″ larger than a standard A) and made with flame maple and West Virginia Red spruce, carved and contoured ebony pickguard.