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80221-I M23V

80221-I Brentrup M23V Varnish F5, Italian Spruce Top, classic M23 logo inlay, striped ebony pickguard, tortoise binding

  brent23V-f brent23V-h brent23V-bcbrent23V-bbrent23V-scr


20461-R M22-0 3-Point Prototype

20461-R M22 3-Point Prototype

Beautiful blackface 3-Point prototype mandolin, red spruce top. This is the prototype, signed February 2004, 61st instrument Hans built.

Edited description from Acoustic Music Company’s online advert: “This is a varnish early florentine 3-point style Model 22 made with Bosnian maple and topped with Adirondack spruce. The instrument is a blackface,  Schaller tuners with ivoroid knobs, 1 and 1/8″ bone nut, fine sculpted ebony pick guard, scooped extension, flat fretboard, masterful fit and finish. Custom Calton case to accommodate the elongated 3 point body. This mandolin was the prototype (and is designated as such on the label) for this model.

From Mr. Brentrup:  “The 3 point mandolin was Orville’s original (circa 1908)  florentine instrument and is a very difficult build. It has a very different sound which is well suited to old time string band music.””



Charlie Rappaport taking it for a spin:


Detail photos

BrentrupO-22m BrentrupO-22l BrentrupO-22k BrentrupO-22j BrentrupO-22h BrentrupO-22g BrentrupO-22f BrentrupO-22e BrentrupO-22d BrentrupO-22c BrentrupO-22b BrentrupO-22a

Custom Calton Case (Mandola Case)

BrentrupO-22no BrentrupO-22n

80471-I M23V

Exceptional M23V, serial number 80471-I, signed August 2004, 71st instrument that Hans built, Italian Spruce top, flamed maple 2-piece back, large frets, radiused fingerboard, back of head has an ebony veneer. Body, headstock, fingerboard and pickguard are bound in white with a black stripe, doubled fleur-de-lis headstock inlay, Varnish finish, Waverly tuners with ebony buttons, James tailpiece, the scooped fingerboard extension is fully fretted, custom “snowflake” fret markers.

Older pictures including build

Hans said “Here’s a picture of scraping after the first coat of varnish. Color differences are lighting. The real red scroll is camera flash. It’s just one coat a day from here on with a rough sand after about half of the finish is on.”

808194-RS PML (Poor Man’s Loar)

808194-RS Signed August, 2008, 194th instrument Hans made.

Red spruce (Adirondack) top and sugar maple back with Hans’ vase and flowers abalone headstock inlay, tortoise pickguard, James tailpiece and a scalloped fingerboard extension.

90481-R 2004 M22C Classic Red Spruce (3-Point)

2004 M22C

90481-R Signed September 2004, 81st instrument that Hans built.

Classic (3-Point), second prototype, red finished red spruce top, rock maple back, and normal 5 degree neck angle, transverse brace, 14 fret to the body (The advantage of the 14 fret neck is more manuverability around the neck, and by moving both the bridge and soundhole forward, some tubbiness may be taken out of the tone. This is a larger bodied instrument than the modern F-5…some 3/4″ longer and 1/2″ wider, so the instrument has a deeper, more resonant sound to it.).


New Pictures:

For Ad2

IMG_8715 IMG_8716 IMG_8710 IMG_8712 IMG_8714 For Ad2

More pics

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA brentrup22c-16 brentrup22c-20 brentrup22c-21 brentrup22c-6 brentrup22c-9 brentrup22c-17 OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA brentrup22c-15 brentrup22c-18 brentrup22c-19 OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA brentrup22c-5 brentrup22c-7 brentrup22c-8 brentrup22c-10 brentrup22c-11 brentrup22c-12 brentrup22c-13 brentrup22c-14 brentrup22c-23 brentrup22c-24 brentrup22c-25 brentrup22c-26 brentrup22c-27