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2007 M22L Hybrid F4

2007 M22L Hybrid F4, 14 fret neck and elevated fingerboard, simple JBrentrup logo peghead inlay, Italian spruce top, Bosnian maple back.

Hans said it has “the biting trebles associated with Italian and a big bottom end… stronger than the F4C type, and a bit more focused sounding…. very close (sounding) to my 4 yr old M22V (also Italian/Bosnian). The color is actually more red than the pix show, and there is that hint of orange and yellow in the center. You can see some of it on the shot of the side binding.”

On Hybrids:

“It means that they have a longer neck and elevated fingerboard like an F5, and of course, that means that the bridge is pushed forward a corresponding amount. Some folks’ hybrids are 15 fret, while mine are 14. Mine also have a maple neck instead of a mahogany. The M22 doesn’t stand for anything in particular, I just didn’t want to call it an F4.”

This mandolin is on the Right: