About the Registry

This webpage is not affiliated with Johann Brentrup, and any comments are the author’s alone and do not necessarily reflect Hans’ opinion or in any way express his personal thoughts or business practices. This page is an appreciation website setup by owners and admirers of Hans’ considerable artistic talent.

If you are a Brentup owner please use the reply form below to provide your mandolin specs, serial number, etc. I can respond to arrange for adding images. You can also contact me via the Mandolin Cafe private message system.

Larry Sherman


11 responses to “About the Registry

  1. Hi Larry-

    Brentrup #90224 21V prototype blackface 2002

    You can stop by and try it out or take a few photos next time you’re in the area (Lexington, MA).


    P.S. No, I don’t collect fiddles, just have a couple.

  2. Robert Brodie

    I have a Brentrup 1978 parlor guitar style P, Model 4, serial #4. I am looking to sell it. Any ideas?

  3. I own Brentrup 90346-I purchased directly from Hans. Nothing not to like

  4. John Trelstad

    I have a Brentrup #905107-I Stealth prototype 2005, blackface. Because of the non-standard (F or A) contemporary appearance, I think, people tend to be surprised at just how smooth the action is and how wonderful it sounds – especially in the past couple of years.

  5. Hi John, Do you have pics that you could share?

    Best, Larry

  6. Greetings –

    My Stealth is actually included in the photos in the Registry. It’s Hans’ prototype of this model. The Minnesota Bluegrass and Old Time Music Assn September newsletter has a great interview with Hans. I’ll scan and try to send.


    Sent from my iPhone

  7. Gary Ustruck

    Good day,
    I have an early Brentrup F5 mandolin that I might be willing to sell. It has no model/serial number. On the inside of the tailpiece cover is engraved “J Brentrup 7-87” (The last number is a little hard to tell if it is a 1 or a 7 but I think it is a 7) I sent an email with pictures to Johann in hopes of getting more information and his replay was:
    Now, there’s an old timer!
    Can’t tell you much about it except it’s probably lacquer finish.

    It is in excellent condition.It had a small hairline crack on the face but I had it repaired at Pete’s Guitars in 1988. I have pictures I can provide.
    Gary Ustruck

  8. Hi Gary,

    Please share your pictures…it sounds like you have a great early instrument. I have emailed you privately.

  9. I have a Brentrup 21V serial number 20585-I it is a wonderful mandolin and Hans is a great guy. I loved visiting him the couple of times that I could. Kevin

  10. Hi Kevin, If you can share pics I will gladly add it to the registry.

  11. Hi I have a brentrup 1978 guitar I’m looking to sell it needs work does anyone have an idea of what its value is ?

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